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  1. How Long does it take to Start?
    Once you Buy our Store package we take 3 - 4 Days to Set up a  Fully Functional Store with a Domain name of your choice. You can get your 1st order within a week depending on Payment Gateway Approval from Shopify. If you are Based in US and Canada it takes just 24-48 hours to set up the integration with your Bank Account.
  2. What all is Included with the Store?
     👉  Domain Name.
     👉  Fully Functional Shopify Store with 100 Products.
     👉  Basic Pages Set up (Shipping policy, Refund, Terms of Service etc).
     👉  Logo
  3. How do we get Sales?
    We Recommend Facebook and Instagram Advertising to get your initial sales , We will help Run Paid Facebook Campaigns and get you up and running. We will set it up live with screen sharing and provide daily updates on results. Your Store will Include Social media integration, you will need to Set up a Facebook Business AD account to run the ads.
  4. How do we add new Products ?
    We will send New product updates daily on WhatsApp or Email, You can add 20 - 30 Products in About 30 Minutes. We recommend adding a few products daily.
  5. Profit Margins?
    We recommend keeping 30 - 50% margins on each product depending on sales and ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

    Any Queries Please WhatsApp Message 👉 +919606898523 



Start Your Own Online Store

Create a Fully Functional Online Store ,Sell worldwide ,Get Trained on how to get your 1st Sale to Scaling your business. 

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