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Veeshack Reseller Program Early Bird Offer

What is the Veeshack Reseller Program?

An Online Business to earn profits by reselling Indian Dresses and Accessories worldwide at a profit margin sitting at the comfort of your home or working full time in a Job or as a Business Owner.
We have resellers worldwide who sell using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. They follow some basic Processes and Steps & Dedicate a few hours to the Business weekly and make a Good Profit. We are now looking at New Resellers worldwide who can make profit and meet sales targets.

How to Resell?

You can Become a Reseller from anywhere in the world. Sell and Ship Products to your customers worldwide. You just need a Phone, and Basic knowledge of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Step 1Decide your Target Customer and Audience: So you can start with family, friends or Office colleagues, Ask them what they are interested in and Share the Product Images which we will send to you on your WhatsApp Daily.
You can Share the Products on Facebook Groups, WhatsApp groups, Create your own Facebook Business Page and Instagram Business Page and start sharing / Posting.

Step 2Decide Profit Margin: We will send you Our Price (Wholesale Price) for the Product you can add whatever Profit margin you want on top and send to the customer keeping the Customer in mind. There will be Shipping cost on top which we will teach you how to calculate for anywhere in the world.

Step 3 – Once you get a Sale/ Order: Once customer decides to buy after all negotiations please take payment from the customer through whichever mode is easier for you and the customer.
Then you pay us our price + Shipping Price using PayPal or Remittance. We will share details on how to buy once you become a Reseller. Once Payment is done we ship direct to your customer or we can ship to your address as well. Online tracking number will be shared which you can forward to the customer.

Note: We will be providing all the Support on Setting up the Facebook Instagram Pages, Marketing Techniques Online, Product Knowledge, and Calculating Shipping Rates and how to Set Margins in Depth once you are a Veeshack Reseller.

Weekly Bonus?
We will also set Sales Targets weekly once your become a reseller If you achieve the Targets we will provide Bonus, More Details will be Shared once you Join.

 How to become a Veeshack Reseller?

Buy the Veeshack Reseller Program at $199 usd.
EARLY BIRD Offer so don’t miss it Prices will go up Later.

You will Receive the Following Once you Become a Reseller :

  1. Receive $100 worth of goods at wholesale rates, You can choose any product across our Website and Social Channels.
  2. Decide your Profit Margin.
  3. Daily Updates on WhatsApp of all New Products by Category.
  4. Access to Already Existing Products 10000 + On our Webstore.
  5. Live Training Sessions by Experts on Facebook Marketing, Instagram, Product Knowledge , Shipping , Margins and any other Questions.
  6. 24/7 Support on WhatsApp , Messenger, On Call.
  7. 1st Preference and Discounts on Becoming a Online Store Owner.

A lot of you Indian,Nepali,Bangladeshi , Pakistani Folks all over the world will be buying Ethnic Clothing for the Festive Season worth $199 or more.

So You have the Advantage Of Buying Our Reseller Program getting Dresses at Wholesale Rates and the Opportunity to start your Business Reselling Worldwide.

So Buy soon and Start making those Profits.

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