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Buy Wholesale at Indian dresses

Buy Wholesale at Indian Dresses Veeshack, We ship worldwide- UK,USA,Australia,Canada,South Africa,Kenya,South America and other countries.
Indian Wedding Dresses at Wholesale Price.

Just send an email with the following details.

  1. Send email to
    Subject Line - Wholesale rates at Veeshack

    Please provide the following Information :
    -  Name :
    -  Country :
    -  Phone No :
    -  Links of Products which you want in Wholesale rate :
    -  How do you sell products - Online - Facebook,Instagram,Whats app etc or do you have a physical shop :
    -  No of products sold Per Month :

  2. We provide single Pieces also at wholesale rates however 1st 3 orders should be Minimum 5 pieces.
  3. All Payment are upfront using PayPal, Bank Deposit , Western Union.
  4. Wholesale goods are non refundable.
  5. Once you are a regular buyer you can communicate with us on WhatsApp, Viber , Phone call.
  6. Shipping Rates are very minimal for all countries, the higher the QTY the lower the rate.
  7. Wholesale Rates for products will be communicated to you on mail.
  8. Once the Total wholesale Price is agreed upon we will provide you a discount code using which you can buy the products
    or if you want you can make a direct PayPal payment to us.

Call us or WhatsApp on +919606898523 for any queries which you have around Wholesale rates.

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Veeshack Wholesale makes it easy to Buy Our Goods at Bulk rates and is a One Stop Shop for our Bulk Buy Customers. Our MOQ Start at 7 - 10 so you dont need to buy huge Quantities. If you are an Online Seller we can Ship Directly to your Customer as well, rates may vary for single Drop-shipping Orders.

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